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Modempak's floor reticulation products allow cables to be distributed and power, data and AV socket outlets to be accessed across an open floor area.

The Recessed Floor Boxes allow data, electrical and AV outlets to be installed in open areas and offices in positions away from walls and pillars. Outlet plates are available for standard power and data connections as well as for miscellaneous connections such as video and stereo. All floor boxes and accessories are supplied in a carbon ripple powder coat finish.

CAT6 Floor box installed with Deluxe lid.

14420006 14420006
245mm CAT6 Floor box | Body only
Cleck here for technical information.


14420002 14420002
Deluxe Lid
The Deluxe Lid features a hinged lid that has cable protection covers and a 5mm recess to accept flooring infill.
Cleck here for technical information.


14420008 14420008
Standard lid + Surround
This standard lid and surround provides a durable and neat edge to any flooring.
Actual dimensions 316 x 316 mm over-all coverage.


14420003 14420003
Standard lid.
A lower cost alternative to the 14420008 lid, for use in industrial areas where a strong and completely flush lid is required. Actual dimensions 242 x 242 x 25 mm


14470040 14470040 Not pre-wired
2way 10A Auto-Switched socket outelet plate loaded.


14470041 14470041 Not pre-wired
14470048 Pre-wired
4way 10A Auto-Switched socket outelet plate loaded.


14470020 14470020
8 Way Keystone outlet panel - Unloaded
Optional accessories:
35290009 | Blanking plug for keystone
35110064 | CAT6 Jack RJ45 keystone module - White


14470018 14470018
2x Single-Worktop/Intermediate
Compatible products:
PDL698 | PDL698/15 | Clipsal 16 | HPM790 | PDL688VH | PDL689VH
Outlets not included.


14470019 14470019
1x Double-Worktop/Intermediate
Compatible products:
PDL699 | Clipsal 16/2S | HPM792
Outlets not included.


14470021 14470021
Floor Box Outlet Panel (245mm)
8x Avaya


14470016 14470016
Floor Box Outlet Panel (245mm)
6x Krone

Click here for our selection of floor box AV outlets.


The Logical Choice - Key Features...

  • Fast Install + Maintenance - Single cover fixings allow easy access to mounting points
  • Increased Space - Can now accommodate CAT6 Data cables (up to 4xRJ45)
  • Outlet Choice - Esco's Gnome can accommodate the widest range of outlets on the market.
  • Riser Option - For added aesthetics and to accommodate plug packs the riser unit can be fitted to standard installation mountings.
  • Powdercoat - Can be painted for added aesthetics where volumes allow. (P.O.A.)
  • Competitively priced when compared to plastic versions and significantly more robust / durable. Esco Industries has been supplying Gnomes to the market for over 30 Years and continues its focus onproduct development.

e3g1 E3G1
Esco GNOME. Stainless steel cover.
DOUBLE SIDED - Total provision for 2 GPO's


e3g2 E3G2
Esco SUPER GNOME. Stainless steel cover.
DOUBLE SIDED - Total provision for 4 GPO's


Deluxe Floorbox Kits:

Kit codePart codePart description
14420010 14420002 Deluxe Lid
* 14420006 Floor Box
* 14470041 4x Power
* 14470020 8x Keystone
Kits are only available with deluxe lids. For standard lids, please order the parts as usual.
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