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Modempak's Medical Service Panels provide leading edge design and incorporate outlets fully recessed into the body of the trunking. The different design options are available to suit the hospital design, functionality required and budget.

Medical Service Panels typically involve a partnership in design as we assist customers in designing a product to meet their exact needs.


  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using locally made products.
  • Extruded aluminium.
  • Individually tailored and designed for the relevant budget and look required.
  • Outlets fully recessed into body of trunking for safety and ease of cleaning.
  • Available in any Dulux Powdercoat colour.
  • Anit-bacterial coating agent available.
  • Cat.6 compliant.
  • 3 compartments for complete segregation of services.

01-BASIC Basic Style
180x75 Profile
04-RECESSED Recessed Style
180x75 Profile
02-SINGLE Single-Fairing Style
180x75 Profile
05-SEMI-RECESSED Semi-Recessed Style
180x75 Profile
03-DOUBLE Double-Fairing Style
180x75 Profile
06-DUPlEX-BASIC Duplex-Basic Style
180x75 Profile x2
09-VMSP Vertical-MSP Style
230x220 Profile
07-DUPLEX-DOUBLE Duplex Double-Fairing Style
180x75 Profile x2


techMSP More information:
Click here to download technical MSP profile info (PDF)
Click here to download technical MSP installation info (PDF)



BSO2 ESCO British Standard Gas Terminals
Click here to view PDF Brochure

  • BSMGOO Oxygen
  • BSMGOA4 Medical Air 4 bar
  • BSMGONO Nitrous Oxide
  • BSMGOV Vacuum
  • BSMGOA7 Medical Air 7 bar
  • BSMGOENT Entonox
  • AGSS Anaesthetic Gas Scavenge



esco_sigma We also supply ESCO Medicon products.
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