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As world leaders in the design and manufacture of communications cabinets, the Modempak range of P2-Series wall mount cabinets are the perfect combination of ergonomic style, quality and functionality.

Featuring Modempak's patented snap-on fixing system, P2-Series cabinets feature a hard wearing carbon ripple powder coated finish and can be supplied with either a toughened glass or steel door. The snap-on fixing system ensures fast and simple installation when paired with our hinged back mount to enable future easy access to hardware and fixed wiring within the cabinet.

Height Width Depth Code Max load
6RU - 339H 600W 350D 11320200 16KG
6RU - 339H 600W 450D 11320201 16KG
6RU - 339H 600W 600D 11320202 16KG
12RU - 605H 600W 350D 11320203 26KG
12RU - 605H 600W 450D 11320204 26KG
12RU - 605H 600W 600D 11320205 26KG
18RU - 872H 600W 350D 11320206 36KG
18RU - 872H 600W 450D 11320207 36KG
18RU - 872H 600W 600D 11320208 36KG
25RU - 1183H 600W 350D 11320209 46KG
25RU - 1183H 600W 450D 11320210 46KG
25RU - 1183H 600W 600D 11320211 46KG
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4RU Mini Wall Cabinet...
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Great for CCTV recorder applications.

No back-mount?

Please note that you can no longer order P Cabinets WITHOUT the back mount as suggested in the catalogue. If you don't require the hinged back mount, the cheapest option is to order the normal cabinet and remove the mount yourself. We can remove it for you on request at no extra charge. The price of the cabinet will remain the same regardless.

Steel door?

Any P Cabinet can be supplied with a steel door instead of glass, for extra security. You can specify this by code by changing the beginning of the code from 1132.... to 1133.... (e.g. 11320201 will be 11330201 for a steel door version) Please call for a quote.

KEY Features

  • Variety of heights and depths (refer to table of sizes).
  • Vented top and bottom.
  • Toughened safety glass door (Steel doors available as an option).
  • The door can be quickly removed on site for easy cabinet installation, and can be re-hinged from either side.
  • Slam latch door lock (other options maybe available on request).
  • 90mm deep snap-on hinged back mount with no exposed hinges.
  • Patented internal release mechanism for back mount catchments (no external locks on back mount), enables the cabinet to be mounted against an adjacent wall, cabinet or other equipment (cabinet swings open on its own axis)
  • Ample "keyhole" fixing points for easy wall mounting on both the cabinet and the back mount.
  • Back mount contains generous cable access knockouts located top and bottom, as well as several cable tie provisions.

Custom cabinet modifications:

pcab_double.jpg We can modify our cabinets to have 2 doors thus becoming a low cost free standing unit. You can choose to have a steel door on the back or glass.

Popular Accessories:

11920001 - Two-way fan kit for Q-Series and P-Series cabinets
Cage Nuts:
11180025 - M6 Pack of 10
11180026 - M6 Pack of 50
54130036 - Loose screw (each)
54220002 - Loose nut (each)
Server Rail Kits for P-Cabinets:
11280065 - 6RU
11280066 - 12RU
11820032 - 18RU
11820011 - 25RU
Supplied as a pair with nuts and bolts.

Download P Cabinet installation guide

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