Call 0800 663 36780mm x 86mm Power Pole


Quick tip:
Make sure you order a 34190002 outlet box with every outlet plate.
Our power pole is designed to accomodate PDL 600 series plates.
Outlets are mounted behind punched lid sections.
Click here to see how.

Penrose White Lengths

14162001 - 3.0m length Penrose White
14162051 - 6.0m length Penrose White

Penrose White Outlet Plates

14142029 - PDL681 Penrose White
14142030 - PDL682 Penrose White
14142031 - PDL683 Penrose White
14142032 - PDL684 Penrose White
14142033 - PDL686 Penrose White
14142041 - PDL692 Penrose White
34190002 - Outlet box (Required for EVERY plate)

Custom Coloured Lengths

14160001 - 3.0m length Custom Colour / P.Coat
14160051 - 6.0m length Custom Colour / P.Coat

Custom Coloured Outlet Plates

14140029 - PDL681 Custom Colour
14140030 - PDL682 Custom Colour
14140031 - PDL683 Custom Colour
14140032 - PDL684 Custom Colour
14140033 - PDL686 Custom Colour
14140041 - PDL692 Custom Colour
34190002 - Outlet box (Required for EVERY plate)

Jacking Strut

14160002 - Jacking Strut for Power Pole 300mm
14160003 - Jacking Strut for Power Pole 600mm


Modempaks range of power poles and accessories can be powdercoated on request.
These are some things you need to know before ordering:

  • A recognised colour code (preferably from the Dulux Powder Coating Duralloy book) must be specified.
  • A $95+GST setup fee may apply to orders for less than 4 lengths of duct or small one-off jobs.
  • Make sure to order enough cover plates with your power pole to avoid the $95+GST setup fee.
  • Lead times are generally 5 to 7 working days fom date of order being recieved at modempak.
  • Because Penrose White is a stocked colour, it is slightly cheaper than the custom colours.

Each dropper pole comes complete with...

  • Ceiling flange
  • Top bracket for jacking strut (supplied loose)
  • Bottom bracket (supplied preinstalled)
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