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The Modempak "Q" Series cabinet is a high quality server and communications cabinet designed to be installed in equipment rooms or office environments where aesthetics, strength and functionality are important. The cabinet frame is made from extruded aluminium joined together with diecast aluminium corner pieces, and fitted with steel sides, top and rear door and either a toughened safety glass or steel front door. Two pairs of shelf rails are provided in the 600mm and 800mm deep cabinets for mounting shelves and other accessories. Three pairs of rails are provided in the 1000mm and 1200mm deep server cabinets. The Modempak "Q" Cabinets offer a range of sizes and options designed to provide a flexible total solution.


19" 600w Cabinets

Height Width Depth Code
18RU 900mm 600mm 600mm 11412001
18RU 900mm 600mm 800mm 11412002
18RU 900mm 600mm 1000mm 11412006
25RU 1200mm 600mm 600mm 11412003
25RU 1200mm 600mm 800mm 11412004
25RU 1200mm 600mm 1000mm 11412005
38RU 1800mm 600mm 600mm 11412007
38RU 1800mm 600mm 800mm 11412008
38RU 1800mm 600mm 1000mm 11412011
45RU 2100mm 600mm 600mm 11412009
45RU 2100mm 600mm 800mm 11412010
45RU 2100mm 600mm 1000mm 11412012
45RU 2100mm 600mm 1200mm 11412013

25" 800w Cabinets

Height Width Depth Code
45RU 2100mm 800mm 800mm 11412095
45RU 2100mm 800mm 1000mm 11412099

KEY Features

  • Extensive range of High Quality Server Cabinets.
  • Sleek, smart design and robust construction.
  • Available with toughened glass or steel doors as standard.
  • New 800mm wide cabinet set with 19" rack mount rails allowing maximum cable access at side of cabinet.
  • Perforated steel doors also available as an option for 1800mm and 2100mm high cabinets - recommended for increased air flow.
  • Doors can be easily removed and hinged left or right.
  • Lockable, removable sides to allow for easy access to cables and equipment.
  • Supplied fully built up with no assembly required - can also be supplied in flat pack form if requested.
  • Cabinets can be easily spliced together to create bayed rows.
  • Can be customised to individual requirements - without doors, sides, top panels, with perforated steel doors, etc.
  • Standard colour is Carbon Ripple - a textured colour providing good looks as well as a mark and scratch resistant finish.
  • Custom colour option available. Please contact us for details.
  • Cabinets designed as free standing units - can be mounted on multi purpose base with the option of heavy duty castors.
  • Sound reduction option available (special cooling methods may need to be investigated). Please call for a quote.

Popular Accessories:

Power Rais
11290080 - 6 Way 10A Power Rail Horizontal
Front-fixed shelves (90KG) Fits almost any 19" cabinet.
This range of shelving has been designed to fix directly onto the 19" equipment rails.
The shelves are supplied with two rear supporting brackets which are designed to fix onto the rear set of equipment mounting rails to support each side of the shelf at the rear of the cabinet.
11820050 - 430mm deep for 600 deep cabinets
11820051 - 630mm deep for 800 deep cabinets (Pictured)
11820052 - 830mm deep for 1000 deep cabinets
11820053 - 1030mm deep for 1200 deep cabinets
Each shelf comes complete with 8 cage nuts and M6 machine screws.
11920001 - Two-way fan kit for Q-Series and P-Series cabinets

11480024 - Filter Kit (pair) for Q Series Cabinets 385x180.
Attaches magnetically to the bottom inlet vents on the inside of the side panels.
600-800 Deep Cabinets require 1 Kit.
1000 Deep Cabinets require 2 kits.
Cage Nuts:
11180025 - M6 Pack of 10
11180026 - M6 Pack of 50
54130036 - Loose screw (each)
54220002 - Loose nut (each)
11180111 - Heavy Duty Castor set
NOTE: Requires Multipurpose Base.

Download Q Series user assembly guide for flat-pack.

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