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Freestanding Rack

cab1 These racks are freestanding and are designed for mounting patch panels and a selection of the cabinet accessories.

Code Description
11340001 25ru 1200mm high
11340002 38ru 1800mm high
11340003 45ru 2100mm high (pictured)

The open frame racks are of robust steel construction, supplied completely knocked down and can be assembled with ease, are punched to accept M6 cage nuts and screws, can be bolted to the floor and allow easy access to installed

All free standing racks are Carbon Ripple colour.


Ultimate Rack

Designed for situations where cable management is imperative, the Ultimate Open Frame Rack is fantastic value for money. The superior High Density Vertical Cable Management solutions ensure that there is no need for horizontal cable managers. This means that every rack unit can be utilised for patch panels and switching, meaning full use of racks, fewer racks required and a smaller footprint on floor space.

PICTURE SHOWING 1 x 11340015 (Base Rack) and 1 x 11340016 (Add-on Rack) bayed together.
Accessories shown (patch panels and cabling) not included.

This item is made to order and may be subject to lead times. Please call for details.

Code Description
11340015 Ultimate Open Frame 45ru Rack includes:
Base rack
2 cable channels
2 doors
2 end panels
1 over head cable tray
cable guides
mounting feet
90 patch catch cable fingers
and 10 cable slack spools
(this is the first rack in the row)
11340016 Ultimate Open Frame 45ru Add-On Rack includes:
Base rack
1 cable channel
1 door
1 overhead cable tray
cable guide
1 cable bridge
mounting feet
90 patch catch cable fingers
and 10 cable slack spools
(this is for all additional racks in the row)
11340014 45RU Channel Door
11340010 Cable tray
15510058 Cable Management Fingers (Pkt of 10)
15510059 Cable Management Slack Spools (Pkt of 5)
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