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Since its inception in 1978, MODEMPAK has been at the forefront in designing, manufacturing and distributing data and telecoms products for the New Zealand marketplace. Today, its data and telecoms products can be found in over 1 million homes as well in the commercial and all other market sectors across New Zealand.

Much of the Telecommunication product development over the past 31 years has been in concert with Telecom New Zealand to ensure MODEMPAK products installed in the Telecom network are of the highest standard possible.


The ONLY Chorus Approved (CNSP)
telephone jack in New Zealand.

  • Patented Lead Frame Technology
  • Patented Shutter Mechanism
  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Clipsal/HPM Compatible Module

face angle side back

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BT Jacks and wall plates

15130010 BT2C 2-Wire Line Jack (Lead Frame) with 67mm square face plate.
15130011 BT2C 2-Wire Line Jack (non PCB) mech only for Clipsal plate.
15130004 Telepak Surface Box For surface mounting 67mm square face plates.
Single 600 Series Style Faceplates for vertical 2-Wire Line Jacks

Dual 600 Series Style Faceplates for vertical 2-Wire Line Jacks


259100030 BT 2-Wire Phone Ringing Adaptor
25910003 RJ45 Plug - BT Female Master Adaptor with 500mm lead
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