Crosstrack access flooring

Crosstrack access flooring integrates a moulded cableway matrix with a premium floor deck to form a unique, modular, rock-solid cable management platform, within a total depth of less than 80mm.

The patented design provides for complete containment, segregation, distribution and management of cabling in one simple and elegant package.

The Crosstrack module comprises a load-bearing deck panel screw-fastened to an injection-moulded base to form a prefabricated “tile” 600mm x 600mm x 78mm high.

In the base, a matrix of cableways – for power and telecommunication services – runs lengthways and crossways on a 600 x 600mm grid throughout the floor. Each service is physically separated by at least 50mm, minimising electromagnetic interference, and the patented system of crossovers ensures that no cable is able to enter the cableway of another service type. As a result the duct matrix automatically complies with the cable pathway requirements of National electrical wiring codes and telecommunications cabling standards – without the need for crossover bridges, metal conduit or separate cable trays. Pre-moulded cable-tie slots allow wiring to be grouped and secured at regular spacings.

The removable deck panel is manufactured from premium flooring grade particleboard and is screen-printed to show the location of underlying service ducts. Tongue and groove interlocks on each side of the assembly ensure correct alignment and automatic self-leveling.

Crosstrack accepts a full range of cable connectors and terminations. A removable section in the centre of the tile allows accommodation of a wide range of flush-with-floor outlet boxes that can accommodate most common connector types.

Tiles are delivered to site on pallets holding 60 modules, packaged face down. At the workplace, high-build bedding adhesive is applied directly to the 16 glue-pads on each tile, which is then carried to the point of installation, turned right-side up, and slid into an interlocking fit with the adjoining tiles. The high-build adhesive adapts to the varying gap between the flat underside of the tile and the undulating slab surface to create a flat, solid floor.

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